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Inspection and testing of electrical equipment may involve, in part

  • looking for obvious damage, defects or modifications to the electrical equipment, including accessories, connectors, plugs or cord extension sockets
  • looking for discolouration that may indicate exposure to excessive heat, chemicals or moisture    
  • checking the integrity of protective earth and insulation resistance
  • checking that flexible cords are effectively anchored to equipment, plugs, connectors and cord extension sockets
  • looking for damage to flexible cords
  • checking that operating controls are in good working order i.e. they are secure, aligned and appropriately identified
  • checking that covers, guards, etc are secured and working in the manner intended by the manufacturer or supplier
  • checking that ventilation inlets and exhausts are unobstructed, and
  • checking that the current rating of the plug matches the current rating of the associated electrical equipment.
PAT Tester