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All of our team have the essential skills and knowledge to carry out your service – they know how buildings go together and how they can fall apart! 

We have also developed our own custom-built inspection reports that can be completed on-site via our advanced smart device, so you can be assured that it incorporates all the essential elements including photos and video needed for a thorough and highly detailed inspection reports that’s compliant to AS4349.1 and/or AS4349.3. We often receive feedback from our clients saying how professional and easy our reports are to read.

Leading Pest Management Technicians treat general pests that you’ll find in and around homes and businesses. We use Australian-registered environmentally friendly treatment. Book a service with us today.

We are professionals in the building industry. Collectively, our team of property inspectors who are also certified timber pest inspectors and have extensive building experience, we receive ongoing training as products and building construction techniques constantly change over the years.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the services we provide. 

We cover a wide range of locations from metropolitan Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

With just one phone call, our Leading Building & Pest Inspections team will organise everything to meet your requirements. Our communication between clients and sales agents or vendor is exceptional.

Approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the size and condition of the house.

Our report covers about 250 items on the house, including structural elements both inside and out, inside the roof void, the wet areas, water pressure, roof and gutters, insulation, etc. We also check for safety switches and smoke detectors.  Refer also to our Terms & Conditions and AS4349.1 2007 and or AS4349.3 timber pests which outline what we do and do not cover.

Yes, you are welcome to meet the building inspector on-site near the end of the inspection, i.e. about 60 minutes after the inspection appointment time as this gives us time to systematically inspect the structure and test items and systems on the property in accordance with AS4349.1. and or AS4349.3 for timber pests.

The Inspector will email and SMS the report/s to you.  If you are available to meet on-site, the Property Inspector can go through the findings verbally immediately after the inspection and clarify each point raised. If you are not able to meet on-site, the inspector will phone you after you receive the report and go through the inspection findings verbally.

We prefer bank transfer (EFT) as the invoice will have the inspectors bank account payment details, we accept credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard but unfortunately not AMEX or Diners Card. Payment can also be made in cash on site. An invoice will accompany your pre-inspection agreement that will email and text to your smartphone.

Unfortunately No, we do not reduce the price for cash payments. Our reports automatically generate a tax invoice and all of our payments are recorded in our financial system.

Any building work is possible but we recommend that clients get advice from a structural engineer or builder first before any work proceeds.

You need to get a Building Certifier to issue a building permit and final Occupancy Permit. We can provide suggested names of a Building Certifier if required.

If you’ve booked a Pest Control service the technician will present his pest management license prior to starting the treatment.

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