Residential Pest Control

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Residential Pests Welcome to Leading Pest Management – Adelaide’s premier family-owned residential pest control business! We take pride in protecting homes and businesses throughout greater Adelaide with our complete pest control services. Our highly trained pest controllers are not just technicians, they are true experts in their field, delivering fast and effective treatment for all […]

Termite Baiting & Treatment

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Termite Baiting & Treatment Common pests not only cause a significant nuisance, they can also cause untold damage to property through electrical fires and to people through health contamination. Termite Baiting & Treatment Did you know that in Australia, termites cause up to $100 Million worth of damage each year? Termites are a dangerous and […]

Pre Settlement Inspection

pre settlement inspection

Pre Settlement Inspection Before paying the settlement money, you must do a pre-settlement inspection. This is where we inspect the property to make sure it is in the condition that is stipulated in the contract of sale. Checked by top specialists The vendor must hand the property over to you in the same condition it […]

Staged Building Inspections

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Staged Building inspections Please contact us now to organise trusted staged progress building inspection services! Checked by top specialists The Staged Inspection programme consists of 5 separate stage inspections STAGED BUILDING INSPECTIONS Site preparation/ footings: immediately before slab pour. Frame stage: Installation of internal linings and application of wet area waterproofing. Lock-up stage: when external windows and […]

Asbestos Survey

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Feel safe in your own home again with our Asbestos survey report.

Tax Depreciation Schedule

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Property Data collection and schedule prepared by our partnered Quantity Surveyor and registered Tax Agent to maximise your return on investment.

Strata Corp & Audit

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Strata Corp & Audit A strata inspection report is a full review of the Owners Corporation records. Before you spend a small fortune on a strata-titled unit or townhouse. Checked by top specialists If you’re looking at purchasing a home that’s part of a Strata set up, have you thought about getting a Strata corp inspection […]

Pest Control

Pest Control

Pest Control LEADING PEST MANAGEMENT Leading Pest management is a leading pest control service provider. We are a local-run family business providing superior quality pest management services to residential and commercial properties in your area. Our pest controllers are locally based and hence, can deliver services whenever in need. All of the services performed by […]

Drug Testing

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Meth affected home can be dangerous to your health and expected remediation could cost from $5000.00 to $25000.00. Don’t be a victim.